Kate Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald had her first insight into her purpose when she walked into Massage school at the age of 21. She always had a vision of helping others, but it wasn’t until that Monday morning in October that she knew she was on the right path. Her life began to change in amazing ways as she was introduced to other modalities such as Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy. After multiple car accidents and years of practicing massage, Kate enrolled in a yoga teacher training program for personal growth and well being. A year later she decided that teaching yoga would give her the opportunity to share her knowledge of the body and self healing with a larger community. While she loves the results from assisting her clients through modalities of bodywork, Kate realized that teaching yoga to those in her community would give them the tools necessary for their own self healing. In 2012 Kate opened Involution Yoga to share her love of yoga with the community. Having grown up in Southern Delaware, Kate is pleased by the growth and diversity of yoga practices and styles in the area. She is truly grateful to the yoga teachers in the community that came before her and inspired her along her way.

Kate Fitzgerald instructs the following:
  • Strength and Relaxation
  • This class will focus on building physical strength, focusing the mind through breath awareness and deep relaxation.

  • Mysore
  • The traditional method of learning the Ashtanga Yoga system by practice and personalized guidance from an instructor. This is not a led class.

  • Ashtanga level 1/2
  • Learn to synchronize breath and movement while being led through the first half of the Ashtanga Primary Series. This vinyasa system ignites an internal heat, producing a deep purification of mind, body, and spirit.